From Our Patients...



"I have lived with headaches and lightheadedness for 6 years and was told by different doctors that it was everything from 'chronic migraine' to 'in my head' or 'anxiety'. After just a few adjustments I had a decrease in my symptoms including recent nect pain. Even though I didn not come in for allergies, my symptoms from those are way down as well. Dr. Hilsman is very patient and never in too much of a hurry to answer my many questions. I have a better outlook now, seeing that I may have a large degree of resolution of symptoms from something so natural as chiropractic. I now use medications for pain as a last resort and am very pleased. You can't put a price on health and well-being. " - R.A. age 30


"I had always had bad headaches that would interfere with my sleep. Stress, even smiling and talking, woud make it worse. I had checked with my eye doctor to see if it was an eye problem, but everything was fine. For my work I have to look down at a terminal a lot, and that would set it off too. Dr. Hilsman was able to find a cause for my headaches, as well as constipation I was experiencing. I had never tried chiropractic, but it made sense. What I like best about the care at Hilsman Chiropractic is it focuses on long term physical health, not just temporary relief of symptoms with meds. Dr. Hilsman does a great job of explaining the process and answering questions. My headaches are much less intense. The constipation has also gotten better, and I also have less back pain at work. I highly recommend the office - you will learn so much about your body and what it really means to be healthy!" - J.G. age 25



Acid Reflux


"A friend referred me to Dr. Hilsman, for acid reflux that I had been experiencing for a year, and neck pain that I had for a month. Now I am feeling at least 85% better! My pain is gone and my energy has increased. My heartburn has imporved greatly and my neck and shoulder pain is gone as well as my acid reflux. Before I had only tried acid reducers for my acid reflux but they didn't seem to help. I am always treated bery courteously at Hilsman Chiropractic. I would definitely refer anyone to Dr. Hilsman's office. He is very gentle and compassionate with chiropractic care. One of the best parts is I can drive my husband's car again without leg pain!" - D.V age 43





"I first came to see Dr. Hilsman because I had been suffering with allergies and sinus problems for 8-10 years, and all the other doctors [rescrobed were drigs tjat jad mp effect. Now after being treated here I feel 70% better with my first complaints and improvement in my neck, back, knees, and legs. Not only do I have less pain, I also have more energy, I am much happier, I have more strength and I can stay up later at night because I am not as tired as I once was. At Dr. Hilsman's office I am treated the best and I like that Dr. Hilsman, and even if they don't have insurance to still spend the money. I feel like I have a new body!" - J.K. age 51


"I brought my son to see Dr. Hilsman for his constant runny nose from colds and allergies. He has had these problems since he was 4 and is now 8 years old. We had tried many doctors, specialists and numerous medications. Now he is feeling 90% better, he has had more energy and he is happier because he doesn't have to take medicine or blow his nose anymore. The greatest parts of the chiropractic care are the results. We are always treated great while at the office; I would recommend Dr. Hilsman to anyone with health concerns." - S.D. age 37



Pain & Numbness


"I came to see Dr. Hilsman about the pain and numbness all over the left side of my body. I had tried Celebrex and Prednisone both of which are very powerful prescriptions but neither seemed to give any pain relief. I had also seen many doctors, and none of them could help. At times it was so painful that I couldn't work. After seeing Dr. Hilsman I am starting to feel less pain and numbness in my shoulders and kneew. I would highly recommend Dr. Hilsman. He is a great person who will really try to help you with health problems." - T.N. age 31


"Five years ago I started getting numbness in both legs when standning. I saw an orthopedic surgeorn (three spinal injections), as well as a neurologist and neurosurgeon. They said I had degenerative arthritis from a bone deformation, but I declined an operation. The thing I appreciated most about chiropractic is how all aspects of treatment were explained. The numbness in my legs is much less, and I have more energy, strength, and a lot better outlook on life. I've recommended Dr. Hilsman of several of my friends." - B.R.


" Standing up from a chair I suddenly got severe low back pain that made standing and walking extremely painful. Dr. Hilsman treated me with respect and took the time to explain everything in layman's terms. He is is a patient and caring doctor who gibes you the time you need." - M.M.


"I was lifting a microwave 8 years ago when I felt something in my back pop. The pain became so severe the only way I could sleep was on my side on a couch, and I still had to take ibuprofen everyday to control it. After chiropractic care, I now have more energy, 90% improvement, and an added bons is my feet ad legs no longer feel tired at the end of work each day." - T.F.





"I was told I had artiritis and was prescribed anti-inflammaroties for my hip and knee pain. After 10 years with the pain getting progressively worse, it was becoming difficult to wakl without limping. Dr. Hilsman explained exactly what the problem was and what needes to e done. Although I still have a little discomfort, it is very minor cmopared to when I started care. I would not hesitate to recommend him." - M.D.



Breathing Difficulty


"I had been to numerous doctors concerning difficulty breathing and they had suggested surgery to remove a rib or a CAT scan to see what the problem was. I am feeling better now after being under care here but I have also noticed an increase in energy and I am not able to sleep better at night. What I like most about Hilsman Chiropractic is how Dr. Hilsman explains the 'whole plan', what to do, and what not to do. Dr. Hilsman knows his stuff. I am pleased with his service." - J.E. age 22



High Blood Pressure


"My blood pressure was high and my primary care doctor was going to put me on blood pressure pills. I had this for 8 months and was told to cut back on salt, even by doing so my blood pressure was still high after 6 months. Through chirporactic care, I'm happy to say my blood pressure is back to normal. I am so relieved that I will not be taking medication that could have caused more problems than the high blood pressure itself." - L.G.





" I was trying for 2 years to get pregnant with my second child. I was working with a fertility doctor for 1 year, taking different medication and nothing worked. After 4 visits with Dr. Hilsman I went back to my fertility doctor and for the first time in a year my body produced large eggs. I feel I sleep better and have more energy in the afternoon than before."  - R.S. age 32





"I came to Dr. Hilsman for help with my TMJ, neck and shoulder stiffness. For the first few years I suffered with this I tried oral surgery, dentists, physical therapy, and pain relievers. But chiropractic is what helped me to feel like my 'old' self again and my friends and family are glad to have me back. The service at Hilsman Chiropractic is honest, courteous, and professional. I feel that my lafe has greatly improved." - K.B. age 32


" I came to Dr. Hilsman for pain in my shoulder, lower back and jaw. After coming here for approximately a month, I have noticed at least an 80% relief of pain. I had seen other doctors before that just prescribed me pain pills, but this had noeffect on the pain. Dr. Hilsman is very caring and professional, and the secretaries are very nice and helpful. If asked about Dr. Hilsman I would say he is a person who shows good character and a high level of caring about his patient's progress and improvement." - M.A. age 26